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Videolyric what is it?

The videolyric are videos where we can read the lyrics of the song while it plays.

A lyric is not a video-karaoke as you might think. We are talking about the creation of an attractive audiovisual content as well as economic.

A videolyric has the visual elements necessary to accompany a song, sometimes they can be even more visually effective than a video clip.

And it has the added benefit of having the lyrics of the song.

Something that we fans greatly appreciate so we can give it our all at concerts!

Best videolyric or video clip?

Making a video clip for each song on the album involves a significant outlay of money. And we know that not all artists can afford it.

At the moment it is rare that the artist that does not have all the songs on their album uploaded to digital platforms. The way of listening to music has changed, and for this reason we offer the means to continue at the bottom of the canyon.


Knowing that the most consumed content on the internet are videos, only uploading music to certain platforms is not very attractive, and it is not always possible to make a video clip for each song on the album. For this reason, videolyric is the best alternative for those songs that cannot have their video clip.


In this way, the group and its music will be able to continue generating interest in its channel by offering both:

video clips of the singles and videolyrics of the other songs on the album.


Styles of all kinds

Here you can see two examples of videolyric of totally different styles.

A videolyric has a great graphic and visual load. The colors, the typography, the animation of the letter, the amount of graphics that accompany the letter are important ... all these decisions fall on the artists, always advised by us, so that the result is 100% to your liking.

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More examples
Here you can see other examples of videolyrics made for different artists.

Lyrics adapted to the style of their songs.
Different videolyrics for various genres, rhythms and needs of each artist.