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From SEGAR STUDIO we want to create your brand image, trust us!



The logo is the most important element of a brand together with the naming (name). A logo that has been little worked, poorly prepared, aesthetically not very visual or even pixelated (there are cases) leaves a bittersweet taste in the user's mouth. We cannot neglect this area, since it is the first or one of the first that influences the customer, so the conversion can be greatly affected.

When creating a logo you have to take into account what you want to convey, that the user, when seeing it, associates it with a set of values ​​and ideas and of course, that at the design level it is well done and is of quality .

Therefore, logo design requires dedication, knowledge, experience, and creativity. It is a meticulous creative process that is divided into phases so that the client is always linked to its elaboration.

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